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General Pest Package

Our General Pest Package includes:

- Internal treatment for Cockroaches

- Internal treatment for Silverfish

- External treatment for Spiders

- Internal/external spot spray for Ants

- Roof void dusting (where access allows)

- Gel baits in kitchen for Cockroaches


- All with a 12 month warranty (excluding Ants)

$195 including GST

Termite Inspection Package

Our Termite Inspection Package includes:

- Full internal Termite Inspection of your home

- Full external Termite Inspection of your home

- including attached garages

- Roof void Termite Inspection (where access allows)

- Full Grounds Termite Inspection including fences, sheds, carports and gardens

- Inspection for wood rot, water damage, water leaks and drainage issues

- Use of Thermal Imaging Camera and Moisture Meter where necessary

- Full written report which includes a list of conducive conditions that should be rectified as well as a thorough run through on the day of what issues were identified and what action should be taken.

$195 including GST

We understand Termites/White Ants can be a confusing and often upsetting problem for home owners.  It is our mission to make all the information available to you in an easy to understand manner.  We have been dealing with Termites for more than 15 years and it is our duty to take the worry and hassle away from you as much as possible.

Deluxe Package

Our Deluxe Package is designed for ultimate peace of mind.
It is a combination of both our General Pest Package and our Termite Inspection Package. Our clients have found that by combining both packages, not only do they only have one Pest Appointment per year, they also save a considerable amount of money.

This package is perfect for the Home Owner/Occupier or Investor as it ensures that your asset is protected with the minimum of fuss.

Our Deluxe Package is available at a special price of only

$340 including GST

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